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Between Two Worlds

"You can't be serious, Jonnas."

"Why not?"

"You actually think there's a similarity between Rene Magritte and Barnett Newman? This is interesting. How do you figure?" "Well, they used the same kind of symbolism in their art very abstract and ambiguous. One thing was supposed to represent another, entirely different thing. In Magritte's paintings he used totally unrelated objects, and in Newman's he used colored lines of varying widths and shades. Beneath it all is some sort of message about man and the world he lives in."

Professor Edell eyed me as a security guard would a potential thief, making me wonder if I just kissed my "A" in Art 10002 good bye. "You know," he said, "I never thought of it that way."

"Neither did I," I replied. "But that's what happens when you do a report on Barnett Newman and do your research with a fellow working “ I glanced at a building outside the SkyBus while we were stopped at a light. It was a haunting structure, made entirely of glass and steel. There were only women in the building, all of whom wore the same outfit.

"You were saying, Jonnas...?" Professor Edell said as the SkyBus pulled away.

"Oh, yeah what was I saying? Oh that I worked alongside a friend who did his report on Rene Magritte." I rubbed my nose and changed the subject. "Professor, do you know what building that was, that glass building we just passed?"

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